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  • Sample help screen
  • Audio Control dialogue box
  • Audio control centre - small size
  • Audio control centre - medium size
  • Audio control centre - full size

Editorial review


F Mark Restorick Senior editor

Persono is a free application that provides an Audio Control Centre for the Plantronic range of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) headsets. With this centre, the user can set the volume and equalisation profile for the headphones as well as the volume of the integral microphone.

In the headphone tab, a number of equalisation options can be chosen depending on the preferred audio material, including classical, R&B, games and voice.
The voice setting is very useful in conference calls when a lot of background noise is present, as it enhances the voice frequencies, thus enabling the listener to pick out the dialogue with ease. Althernatively, the user can adjust balance, bass and treble settings manually. A speaker test option is also available to ensure that the headphones are working correctly.

On activation, the application runs in the background and is accessible via the system tray. Double clicking on this icon opens the Audio Control Centre. The audio control centre dialog box can be adjusted and supports three sizes to minimise its obstruction of the PC screen when in use. For example, when fully minimised only the menu options in the title bar are visible.

Plantronic indicate that this software is not supported on the Windows Vista platform. Instead, they suggest using the default windows drivers for their headset in this case.


  • Allows easy selection of EQ profile for different needs.
  • Provides headphone testing capability.
  • Adjustable screen footprint.


  • No longer supported by Plantronics.
  • Not compatible with Windows Vista.
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Publisher's description

Plantronics market lightweight headsets for the consumer market. It is based in Santa Cruz, California.
Persono Software*

Persono is Plantronics' headset enhancement software. It provides extra features for your DSP headset that allow you to control levels of bass and treble.
However, Persono software is optional, and you do not need it to install your headset. All necessary drivers are supplied by your computer's operating system.

* Please note that this software has been discontinued.

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